Where I Live

Here I am, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. (Not the mitten. The other one.) I am a writer, musician, gardener, wife and mother, and I work  as a freelance communicator. I was born in Illinois, and have lived in California, Colorado, Washington state, Nebraska, and Detroit, before moving to the middle of nowhere in the Great North Woods.

Life is good. Steven and I have a home on 90 acres, shared with my 92-year-old Dad, Bob. The land is mostly wild, and sandhill cranes, turkeys, deer, hawks, ravens and more, enrich our lives. Now that we have a fence to keep them out, I have a garden that gets better each year.

Looking west toward the barn

Kitchen window view

Our kids are on their own: Caitlin is married to Corey and they have Menolly and Amalia, and Brian and Kayla are nearby as well with Marryn. (See Caitlin’s blog at Massive Free Articulation here on WordPress – caitlingivhan.wordpress.com)

The kids and I have been a band for many years, called ‘SKI since about 1995 when Brian began to drum and sing with Caitlin and me. That page is under new management – thanks, Kayla – at morskimusic.com. We’re occasionally still available, and we love to sing and play for our UU group and a host of others.

Caitlin and I write songs and words, and Brian writes worlds (and sometimes songs). We’re working on the evolution of the planet/being Aelwe, with me mapping as much of her as I’m allowed, and a mystery in progress. Murder most foul in the fair city of Istus.

I put out an annual calendar featuring U.P. photographs and 365 great days (Gorgeous Grandma Day, Get Out Your Guitar Day..) Yes, I probably have some left. Ask. Or email me and sign up for next year’s list.

No doubt all these things inform my blog, and will appear from time to time.

I do have some edgelines, as my friend Jerry McKie used to call them. I love people, and tend to be liberal about social programs. I hate politics, which seems to me to have descended to name-calling, finger-pointing, and the ME, ME, ME syndrome. I worry about a world threatened by greed and short-sightedness. I would LOVE to abolish the personhood of corporations, and also Madison Avenue. I need lots of quiet, and beauty, and friends. I am lucky to be able to arrange my life to include them.

Thank you for visiting. Feel free to let me know what you think, too. Reasonable discourse encouraged.

The west face of our home, in one incarnation.



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