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Pivot Point

October is a pivot point. The ancient peoples saw it as one; it marked the thin bit between the world we inhabit and the one inhabited by Others. It is for us in the Northern hemisphere a dropping-off point, one of those time-cliffs.

Ahead lies winter, with its own delights and issues. Behind is autumn, season of rich colors and harvest. Far away lie spring and summer, ahead and behind in the circle/spiral. I love this season. Ambivalence is, after all, my thing!

So I offer you a picture or two and two October songs. Winding Down Summer is a jazzy bluesy thing, and October Dreams is harder edged. Someday I’ll Youtube them, but not today.

OCTOBER DREAMS by Kathryn W Morski

In September, Superior smiles, azure blue,
And the gulls and the leaves all rejoice,
But October reminds us, with sharpening teeth,
That the Winter isn’t a choice.
As the birds gather in, and then one day are gone,
As the lake is rose-grey and slate blue,
As the squirrel and bear gather life-giving food
I can feel the change gather inside of me, too –

I am a wave on a storm-colored sea,
Riding the water and wind,
And I am a leaf, clinging red to my tree
With the knowledge that Fall
Never happens to me!
           La, la, la, la; la, la, la..

When the days hunker down like the fattening deer,
When the leaves shift and glow like a flame,
When the mist marks the border of Winter and Fall,
When the wind breathes damp earth and cold rain,
When the rush of the air strikes a chill to your skin
And you gather blue sky to your soul
You may whisper a prayer that the harvest you’ve made
Keeps you fed through the days when the winter storms roll!
I am a wave on a storm-colored sea..

Gold is the woodland and golden the grass;
Grey streaked with blue is the sky.
Swirling, cascading, the winter sweeps in
With a dazzling smile and a glittering sigh!
I am a wave on a storm-colored sea..


Look at her, runnin’
Through golden grass,
Runnin’ like childhood through a looking glass;
Runnin’ like someone’s
Hot on her heels
Chasin’ the sunshine – that’s how it feels
Windin’ down summer.
Howl at the moon.
Whistle October – a windy tune.

Sky overhead
Blazin’ with blue.
Hang at the lake with the kids and canoe.
Evenings are velvet,
Starlit and long,
Set to the time of the whippoorwill’s song –
Windin’ down summer.
Howl at the moon.
Whistle October – a windy tune.

Hours that we laze
just don’t count – these are Mulligan Days
Time goin’ by
We deny, or we try..
But surprise! We can see what is comin’ to be –
Windin’ down summer
Howl at the moon!

Lately I’ve heard
A change in the breeze
Murmurs of color among the trees.
Sunflowers bloomin’,
Birds in the air
Flocking together, all going somewhere.
Windin’ down summer.
Howl at the moon.
Whistle October – a windy tune.
Windin’ down summer,
Howl at the moon!

Wishing you the same, I remain…


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